Dario Palladino

Technical Project Manager | Senior Business Analyst | Full Stack Web Developer | Photographer | Filmaker

Servant Leadership, Stakeholders whisperer, Software gardener. I think Business Analyst is not just a role but more than this, it's a skillset with capabilities to find out inefficiencies and transform them in a process improvement throughout the whole process of business analysis.
As a Technical Project Manager, I always try to manage the whole project with the right methodology based on the kind of the project I'm working on. It can be Waterfal SDLC or either Agile, but most of the time, I found my self mixing both of these methodologies to get the best from them.
I have over 15 years experience onthe Information Technology sector, 8 of them spent on project management and business and system analysis. I love to work on process improvement finding out inefficiencies and bring new life to those poor processes that needs to be improved to bring value to the company.
My working experiences gave me a strong ability to solves problems by my own, finding out system or process issues and solving them throughout tools and techniques I learnt during my business analysis and project management experiences.
I love Linux and all of the open source communities.
I really love web developing though and I do it using PHP on Laravel, Bootstrap, JQuery, AngularJS for a complete Web workflow. I love Linux and all of the open source communities.