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Replace your old LAMP/LEMP installation with a fully decoupled architecture based on Docker containers

Enhance your blog performances, scalability and resiliency with a powerfull container based architecture

Change Data Capture - Near real-time data streaming with an Azure Data Factory pipeline

How to transfer near real-time data from a Azure SQL Managed Instance database to an Azure SQL Database through Change Data Capture using Azure DataFactory

Software architecture and Continuous integrations

Whenever scalable solutions are required, it is mandatory to choose the right architecture for a continuous integrations. Refactoring, Microservices, quality and continuous integrations are the key success factors.

SSO Authentication with Laravel 5.3

Laravel authentication based on JSON response from a SSO Restful service

Mixing Waterfall and Agile methodologies

A way better to manage from medium to large projects but do not create a Water-Scrum-Fall

Scrum as model around me

Just have a look how the Scrum model works with a simple metaphor on me